Creating Ecommerce Website Design for Mobiles

The best way to increase the revenue for your business is to have a mobile-friendly ecommerce website design. It is extremely beneficial. It will improve the user experience, because these days, people are using their smartphones and tablets to access particular online websites. Also, it will increase brand awareness, enhance the website conversion rate and SEO as well. A recent article released by Smashing Magazine, looks at how to plan your next mobile ecommerce website and with Google’s new mobile algorithm making mobile-friendly websites a necessity, I thought this would be a great article to showcase.

In this article, I will run through their suggestions on how to do just this. Let’s get cracking.

When creating a mobile ecommerce website design, there are four very important questions you will need to focus on, and provide the answers. Those questions are:

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For whom you are building mobile ecommerce website? – With the mobile devices available today, we can access the Internet anytime, anywhere, such as having dinner, while we are in bed, while we are on a bus on our way to work, while waiting a friend in a restaurant, etc. That also means mobile devices are used at different times. There are a bunch of possibilities, and all of them should be considered, because that way, you can place different banners tactically, in order to offer discounts, promotions, and many other possibilities to the customers. There are several different types of mobile shoppers. Some of them like to compare the prices, and they will choose the online store if the offer is good. There are customers who enjoy a bargain, and they will always look for an exclusive promotion, or some special deal. Some customers are social shoppers in a way, following brands and celebrities on social networks, and they are always searching for trendy pieces. Some buyers will visit their favourite stores, waiting to see what’s new. Different types of mobile shoppers have one thing in common – they expect to see an excellent offer with various possibilities in the mobile ecommerce store.

How to measure conversion success? – There are three main categories in which the conversion falls, and those are: the website visitor made a purchase, the visitor is following your business (store) on social networks, or the visitor completed a particular task (for example, entered a competition). To measure the success, it is crucial to set goals, and the goals should be as specific as possible, they must be measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-framed.

What design factors will have an impact on the mobile ecommerce conversion rates? – Factors are: navigation, which can be fixed and non-fixed. The first one is always at the same place, and the second one is visible only when the visitor is on the page top; Photography of the product, where several options should be included such as: individual shot, detail shot, components shot, 360° shot, group shot, and in-use shot (all of them are essential for the user); Typography must be well-spaced, contrastive and readable (avoid zoom, because that annoys the users); the experience must be finger friendly; make sure to have strong colour contrast; when it comes to long product descriptions, they are not such a good idea when it comes to small screens, which is why the “read more” option can be good solution.

What would be the perfect product page? – The title of the product must be clear as well as a call to action, with a suitable colour palette. Typography must be readable, and the photography should be great, because it will have an impact on the decision the buyer will make. It would be good to avoid product descriptions which are too long, the short ones with the main features of the product are a much better solution.


In order to create a mobile ecommerce website you will have to consider all the main questions. Of course, mobile ecommerce website design plays the most important role in the process, but when everything is done right to provide the ultimate user experience, you will increase the revenue, and your business will bloom.

If you would like to have a compelling mobile ecommerce website from which the visitors will enjoy shopping, you can count on Ignition Media. You can call or email me, Nicole Brooke, anytime for mobile-friendly ecommerce website design.

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