Responsive Web Design: The New Industry Standard

Why responsive web design is considered to be the industry standard today

In the past few years, technology has gone through tremendous changes; especially when it comes to smartphones. In fact, in 2015, Google announced that mobile phone internet traffic surpassed desktop traffic. This is certainly big news, and as more and more people shift towards mobile devices, digital marketing is also turning towards this trend.

As a developer who has specialised in responsive web design on the Gold Coast for over 4 years, I have been anticipating this fact. I truly believe that every website should be mobile friendly as it is fast becoming the industry standard. If you have not yet invested in responsive web design for your website, then now is the time to do so.

If the terms “responsive web design” and “mobile-friendly website” are relatively new to you, then continue reading as I explain what responsive web design is and why I believe mobile websites should be the industry standard today.

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What is Responsive Web Design?

Responsive Web Design is a web design approach which aims to provide an optimal experience to users in viewing and interacting with a website across different devices, ranging from desktop computers, tablets and mobile devices. A website, which has been designed with this principle in mind, adapts to the layout of the viewing device and provides easy navigation and reading to the user, without the need of resizing, panning and scrolling through a webpage.

So, a responsive website basically means a website, which offers a great user experience on all platforms. Now that you have an idea of what responsive web design means, let’s take a look at why I believe it to be considered the industry standard today.

Why Responsive Web Design is becoming the Industry Standard

Given that mobile internet traffic accounts for more than half of the total internet traffic today, responsive web design is gaining more importance and mobile search has also overtaken desktop search. As such, if SEO is a key component of your strategy for digital marketing, it is essential to build a responsive and mobile-friendly website.

67% of internet users claim that they are more likely to complete a purchase from a mobile-friendly website. This fact has made many companies transition towards developing mobile-friendly websites and more specifically, towards responsive web design.

Google has also announced that it will slowly be phasing out websites that are not mobile-friendly in its search results. This statement alone should be enough for you to want to pick up the phone and call a company, such as Ignition Media, that specialises in responsive web design on the Gold Coast so you can start the year fresh knowing your website is working with you, not against you. With Google banking on mobile configuration beating the desktop configuration, responsive web design can be considered to be the best practice in the industry today.

The biggest advantage of responsive web design is that it offers a great user experience to users across any device, be it a mobile device or a desktop platform. Responsive web design makes it possible for websites to adapt to different screen sizes across different devices and it provides a more consistent user experience than a website which is optimised for desktop performance or for mobile performance. Positive user experience across all platforms is slowly, but surely becoming the industry standard as many people use both mobile devices and desktops for internet searches.

A responsive website is also easier to manage than a separate desktop site or a separate mobile site. Responsive web design requires managing a single SEO campaign as opposed to multiple campaigns for mobile and desktop sites and this is far easier to manage. SEO is a core component of a marketing strategy for many companies and this reason also makes responsive websites an industry-standard today. If you’re getting a website, make sure it is responsive otherwise it will be money down the drain.

Ignition Media is a company which specialises in responsive web design on the Gold Coast. In fact, this is the only way that we make websites, as we firmly believe that responsive web design is the modern industry standard. Every website that we develop is completely mobile-friendly and we do this at no additional charge to our clients.


If you’re looking to build a website, then ensure you request a responsive website. It must be mobile-friendly and should work well across all devices. Responsive web design is the industry standard and major players like Google are beginning to phase out websites which are not mobile-friendly in their search listings. While responsive websites offer a great user experience, they are also easier to manage in terms of SEO campaigns and businesses today must ensure that their websites are mobile responsive.

If you need responsive web design on the Gold Coast, then contact Ignition Media. As a website designer, every website that I develop is completely mobile-friendly. Give me a call today on 07 5568 7515 and I will be happy to assist you with your responsive website design needs.

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