General Costs of a CMS Website

How much would it cost you to have a CMS website?

The answer, of course, is from none to thousands of dollars. At the very least, a website powered by a content management system is free. You can get free website hosting, use WordPress as your CMS and WordPress plugins for website add-ons and features—and you already have a running website.

However, if you want something more professional (or if you want to have a website made), it will cost you. The actual cost will differ depending on one thing: what you want your website to do. Here are a few factors that can dictate the price or costs of a CMS website:

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  • What you need. The cost of the littlest factors such as domain name and hosting to the more important elements such as the e-commerce system of a site depend on one thing: what you need the site to do.

For instance, the web space or hosting. Web space that would support a website with a complex eco-system (a bidding website, for instance) could cost hundreds to even thousands of dollars a year. A simple corporate site? Space for it may not even cost more than a hundred. Using a dot net over a dot com could change the cost of a website.

  • What it has to do. What is the purpose of site? What you want the website to do, obviously, will dictate what functions you need from the website. In turn, these functions will require or may require technologies that may or may not cost money. For instance, if you’re a shopping website, you will need an e-commerce system.
  • Free or paid? Which brings us to the next factor: will you use a free service for that website application or will you pay for it?

A good example here are, again, e-commerce systems for the WordPress CMS. A system such as PHPurchase costs around 50 US dollars. The WP e-commerce system plugin? Absolutely free. Here, you decide which will fit the needs of your website—which is an entirely different things altogether.

Complex websites with custom applications (read: no use of free plugins and bespoke CMS, for instance) can cost up to 50,000 AUD—and above. However, this is already at the higher end of the spectrum.

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