PHP Vs ASP – Choosing The Language For Your Website

Both ASP (Active Server Pages) and PHP (Hypertext Pre Processor) are languages for developing websites. They are most useful when you have to create websites that are database driven. Most webmasters are in a state of dilemma which language they must use for their purposes. The basic difference between them is that ASP is a Microsoft product while PHP is an open source program. However, this does not help the decision-making in any way.

The best way to make a decision is to check out the advantages of both these website development languages.

Advantages of PHP

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PHP is free to use because it is an open source program. The best feature of this language is its simplicity. If you are a beginner, use this program; it has a code that’s simple to understand. But that does not mean it is not robust. The code is not degraded in any manner and it is highly secure too. Another thing about PHP is that there is tremendous support available for PHP users. Because it is an open source program, you can find a lot of areas on the Internet where you can even get tutorials for using PHP.

Advantages of ASP

On the other hand, ASP is a very secure code, especially for personal information such as social security numbers and such. If your website is going to handle a lot of classified information, it is better to use ASP. The language may be difficult to master at the start, but that is because it is a more secure program. Also, if your website is going to be a collection of mammoth databases, ASP would be a better deal. If you are looking for a streamlined solution (remember that ASP is a single-vendor product unlike PHP which is developed by several experts from around the globe), then ASP should be the option you must select.