Additional Charges

Once a website is approved by the client and signed off on, any future work on your site will be charged at our standard hourly rate for that procedure, and will only be performed at your request. Standard hourly rate is $99 per hour.

Additional charges will be applied at the relevant hourly rate for:

Additional Images

Each website package allows for a specific number of photos. 72dpi resolution photos of 800px in width max are charged at $10.00 per addition image. If additional images are requested by the client, they will not be informed of the fee.

Hardcopy Text

When the contents of a website is given to Ignition Media in any other form than in an email or on a disk which will require Ignition Media to manually type the websites text content the standard fee will apply

Insufficient Image Quality

When images or logos are supplied in a less than adequate quality & needs to be created to be placed on the website

Changes After Sign-off

In the website design process Ignition Media allows the clients to request changes they may like made to their website design. Once the client has approved the website design, further changes hereafter will be charged. This also applies with final sign-off.

Additional consultations and customer support

So we can keep our (which means your) costs down, 10% if the total contract cost is allocated in time for client consultations and support. Ignition Media’s support rate is $99p/h so this means an $2200 website works out as $220 @ $99 = 2.2hrs. Additional hourly rates will apply if this time allocation is acceded without notice.

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