Adobe Contribute

Adding a new website to administer

Open Adobe Contribute

Go to Edit > My Websites > Click “Create”

  • Step 1, Click ‘Next’
  • Step 2, Enter ‘’
  • Step 3, Choose ‘FTP’ from drop down
    Enter the following from you website host:
    FTP Server:
    FTP Username:
    FTP Password:
    Click ‘Next’
  • Step 4, Enter location/folder where your website is stored in
  • Step 5, Enter your details. Click ‘Next’
  • Step 6, Your Done, Click ‘Done’

In the My Connections Window which is left open on your screen select your website by clicking it once then click “Administer” (top right)

Select ‘Standard Word Processing’ if you are not experienced in web design.

Close next wondow, then close the My Connections Window.

Your website will now automaticly open in Contribute.

Navigate through the pages as you would on the internet and click “edit page” (top left) when you want to edit the page.

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