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Welcome to Ignition Media’s website promotion process guide. This is your inside peek to the process which is website promotion;


Website optimisation is applied to your website including optimisation of files names, alt tags, meta tags, content and keyword analysis. Any flaws in your website which are not search engine friendly are analysed and an alternative resolution is made to increase you website’s chances of ranking.

You are given a SEO Report of the “before” status that can then be used to show you exactly what your website has achieved after you search engine optimisation.

Website Access

Once you have decided on what level of website optimisation you wish to apply to your website, we need access to your website to begin the optimisation.

Search Engine Submission

On page optimisation is performed to the website and is checked by the client for approval. Once approved it is then uploaded and submitted to the major search engines and directories including Yahoo, Bing, Google and Dmoz.

Link Popularity Building

Relying on ‘on-page’ optimisation techniques (listed in overview) is no longer enough to pull top rankings. There has never been more need for ‘off-page’ optimisation than there is today.

Link popularity  now plays a very important roll in search engine optimisation as it is the leading ‘off-page’ optimisation technique to achieve top rankings, Ignition Media offers both one-way and reciprocal link building.

Ignition Media’s reciprocal link campaigns find relative websites willing to participate in a link campaign to increase your website’s link popularity.

Each website that is selected to trade links is approved by the client and then approached individually by Ignition Media with a reciprocal link request. All reciprocal links are placed on a separate links page of your website.

We also offer one-way Page Rank 3+ link campaigns which is much more beneficial to your site and really boosts your websites search engine ranking.

Monthly link popularity building is recommended for best results.

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Monitoring & Updating

Search engine optimisation is not an overnight success. If anyone tells you otherwise they are either lying or subjecting your website to search engine optimisation methods which will remove your site OFF search engines instead of lift the rankings and more importantly, KEEP THEM THERE. We recommend a 3 month waiting period for steady results. In this time we give you updates of your websites ranking status and monitor your site making any changes that may be necessary along the way.

Search Engine Optimisation Reporting

At the end of every month, you are sent an SEO report that track and monitor your keyword positioning in Google, Yahoo and Bing. In Addition to this, the monthly SEO Reports include Google Analytics data including Audience Overview, All Traffic (Direct Traffic, Organic Traffic and Referral Traffic) and the Organic Search Traffic breakdown.

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