How to get to the top of Google

It is possible to just go on and on when giving tips on for hitting the jackpot with the Google search engine. Figuring on the first page of Google or rather in the first five results of the first page is the stuff that webmaster fantasies are made up of. But is it really all that difficult to rank highly on the world’s most popular search engine? Read the following points and decide for yourself.

Select the right keywords.

Google loves organic SEO like no other search engine. When you are targeting Google, your first endeavor should be to find keywords that people look for and then get content written according to them. Now, you must remember some basic rules. Google detests keyword stuffing. So, refrain from using keywords above a density of 2% on any page of your website. At the same time, use the keywords in exactly the same manner. If the keyword you have obtained in “charcoal grill”, then using “charcoal grills” will have lesser effect. The Google spiders will look for keywords exactly as people are typing them when making their searches. This definitely has to do with Google’s extreme user-friendliness.

Update your website content.
If you keep your website stagnant for a while, it will simply be pushed out of Google’s listings. Google is ruthless with websites that don’t keep moving because it wants to provide quality updated material to people who are looking for information. A very good idea would be to link a blog to your website and keep that updated.

Keep maintaining your website.
Page Not Found errors and the like are the death knell for most websites. Google does not take kindly to them either. Maintain your website constantly and fix these errors. Use 301 permanent redirect pages to override these errors.

Ready to Ignite Your Website?

Do not use too much of flash and JavaScript.
Animation is a bundle of nonsense in Google’s eyes. As far as possible, go easy on all those flashy things on your website.