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What are Search Engine Crawlers?

A search engine crawler is also sometimes referred to as a web crawler. This is a program which is used to scour the entirety of the World Wide Web or the Internet. It also has rather apt bug-like names including ants, web spiders, web skutters, web robots, bots, and automatic indexers. When people refer to the process of indexing web pages, though, they call it “spidering” or “web crawling”. Search engines run on these spidering or web crawling methods to update their indexes.

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Keyword Placement in your Website’s Text

There was once a lot of fuss about keyword placement in articles published online. People were very interested in finding out how search engine crawlers worked. However, the algorithms that predicted how they reacted to online text changed too often. After a while, SEO specialists just gave up on trying to figure out which placements worked the best.

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Listings vs. Search Engine Ads: When to go Organic and When to Pay the Bill

Getting things for free is always a great deal. This is why a lot of people still choose to stay organic when it comes to their search engine optimization efforts. However, as with all free things, this also means that you’re never in full control of your website’s rankings. Google or any other web search engine can change the algorithms they use on their web robots to rank pages.

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Keeping yourself Ranked on Top of Search Engines

Search engine rankings mean a lot to website owners, especially ones who depend on their website’s popularity for revenue. With money factoring into the picture, though, a few bad choices are bound to be made.

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The Condensed History of the Search Engine

It would take a book to discuss how the search engine came to be what it is today, but in a nutshell, here’s what happened. It all began with Archie, a web searching tool designed in 1990.

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Two Sides of the Story: the Search Engine’s Role Today

The search engine functions in the same way your library card functions to catalog books inside that labyrinthine store room of information. The only difference is that library cards are manually indexed by human minds. Search engines, on the other hand, are mostly administered by web robots or crawlers who sift through the word content of each and every webpage published on line.

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