How To Protect Your Site From Hackers

Learning to protect your website from hackers has become crucial in these days of heightened cybercrime incidents. Since hackers are always proactively working towards making their way into your data, you must work to protect your data from them on a daily basis. Whether you manage a company website or your own personal site, you must take steps to protect yourself from a hacking attack. Below are steps that can help you keep the hackers at bay.

Step 1. Always ensure that your servers are located in a secure location. Only give access to your servers to people you can trust. In order to protect your site from hackers, you can also restrict access to the hard disk drives on the office computers.

Step 2. Always ensure that the antivirus on the computers is updated on a daily basis. Insist on original and the best antivirus for protection. Instruct your employees to run a virus scan on a regular basis (once a day) to check their systems for virus. The system administrator should also run the virus scan on the server every morning or evening. There are many hackers using employees to get into your network, so, as a sysadmin, regular scans are imperative.

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Step 3. Always ensure that the passwords used on the servers and other machines are alphanumeric and changed on a fortnightly basis, if possible. Try not to share the administrator password with anyone, unless absolutely necessary.

Step 4. Always ensure that the emails received are scanned for virus. Also, most hackers send virus through email attachments, hence emails with attachments from strangers should not be opened.

Step 5. Always run the latest scripts for your website pages. Outdated scripts are the Trojan horses for hackers on the lookout for gaps.

Step 6. Always ensure your network is protected by setting up a firewall. You can even have more than one firewall to keep the systems on the network secure and protected.

Follow these steps and protect your site from hackers.