Modern Elements: Manipulating White Space in Web Design

One of the most ignored elements of website design is white space. What is it exactly? It’s that space in between all the other elements of your website. It’s the space between the lines of your paragraph, the space between your heading and your text body, the space between your images and your text, and the space between the edge of the screen and your margin. The white space works as a pause. Without it, your website would look too cramped and you would lose your readers because it’s very difficult to read onscreen.

When you have too much of it, your website may look too bare and elementary. The trick is to manipulate the white space in your design and treat it more than just an “absence of elements”. It should be treated as an element as well, and placed only when it helps to give your design a fuller form.

The trickiest white space to manipulate is the space between the lines in your paragraph. You should allow white space in between lines that’s about 2/3 of the height of your text body’s font. Any smaller than that and your readers might have a difficult time reading, and any bigger than that and the next line might look like a different paragraph altogether. The white space in between paragraphs, on the other hand, should be as tall as your text body’s font, if not just slightly taller than that. It should be more prominent than the white space in between your lines.

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The white space between the headings and the text body should be twice as tall as the font you’re using on your text body. The sizes of the marginal white space and the white space in between columns are totally up to the designer’s discretion. In other words, this is the part where web designers need to tap the artist or poet in them. The white space is vital, and it splits ideas in the web design. If it’s not used wisely, it can make the design cramped, amateur, or just plain cluttered.

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