Vintage Web Designs: Will they still be around in 2012?

Vintage web designs popped out of the woodwork in 2007. Some will claim that they’ve been around longer than that, but the influx of retro web design happened three years ago, with blog templates using flower power themes, rainbows, and afro-haired cartoon characters in bright shirts and bell bottom pants. The retro trend was cute and it caught on quite fast. For the trend to be around for three straight years is certainly saying something. This particular web design trend was enough of an eye candy to last longer than two years.

So will it survive another year and continue to dominate the web space in 2012? It probably will, but the colors are going to lean on monochromatic themes. Prepare of John Lennon silhouettes and other classic rock references. There’s going to be a little less of rainbow-colored websites and more websites using two to three tones only. Black and white (reminiscent of the 60s fashion) are bound to make waves as the clean and simple web design becomes more prominent. Imagine sleeker designs as the year opens, too.

How were we able to make these predictions? Aside from the print culture, fashion also strongly affects web designs. Maybe it’s part of having a “collective consciousness”. For some reason, artists who practice in different fields still influence each other’s works. If you truly want to be in the loop of the latest design breakthroughs, the best way to do it is to observe movements and trends in fashion as well.

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Retro is a safe bet, but with the monochromatic trend in fashion and everything else that’s design-related, the futuristic trend will most likely hit the field as well. Web designers should keep their eyes peeled when it comes to upcoming movies and hot events, too. Even these things have a strong influence on web design trends these days.

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