Why WordPress is better than Joomla

wordpress-vs-joomlaWordPress and Joomla are two of the most popular content management systems available today. Although both used by hundreds of thousands of people, the two have similarities and differences. The basic difference is that Joomla is a community type of site while WordPress is a blog platform. With the use of plug-ins, both can easily overlap each other in many different areas.

But what makes WordPress better than Joomla? First let’s start with features and plug-ins. While Joomla boasts over 6,000 of these, WordPress has over 12,000 making the process of managing content easier as it gives users several options. Also, WordPress has over 1,200 free templates while Joomla has limited free templates. The first one is also very user-friendly compared to the latter. Currently, there are 62 billion websites using WP and only about 30 million that use Joomla. This number is definitely a proof that WordPress is preferred by more users worldwide.

Also, unlike WordPress, importing articles from Joomla is not easy. Although there are existing extensions for this particular function, moving one version to the next can be problematic. Another problem is that the core system demands a lot of resources from the server making it very complex. These issues and other problems are not experienced with WordPress.

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