10 Reasons Why Your AdWords Campaign Failed

There are many different methods and avenues you can use to advertise your business online and no doubt you’ve heard of Google AdWords. It is one of the most beneficial advertising platforms businesses can use to expand their online presence. One question my clients often ask me is why their AdWords campaign failed. In order to experience all its benefits, and to have a successful campaign that will lead to positive results, you need to understand the platform, and research it. It is crucial to learn how to use it correctly.

In this article, I will explain the main reasons why your AdWords campaign failed, but first a little overview of what Google AdWords is.

AdWords is an advertising program developed by Google that allows the users to grow their business and reach new customers. There are many benefits of using this platform. Most importantly, it allows you to target ads to customers in certain cities, countries, or a particular region anywhere in the world. This enables you to connect to your potential customers through the placement of text or display ads which in turn brings more visitors to your website and more revenue for your business.

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Even though AdWords may seem simple to use, to fully take advantage of the platform and get more “bang for your buck” so to speak, you must use it correctly.

Here are some of the main reasons why your campaign failed.

Keyword Research – Customers are searching for products and services by typing keywords into their browsers. In order to reach the customers, you need to use adequate keywords. If your campaign failed, it means you may not have research the keywords properly and used keywords that didn’t best represent your products or services. Using relevant keywords for your industry are recommended. If you are not sure which keywords are relevant for your business and your Google AdWords campaign, contact Ignition Media today – we offer a keyword analysis service to get you on track.

The Budget Is Too Small – Your budget determines the number of clicks per day. If you set your budget too low, you would have received a small amount of clicks, and each time you reach the daily limit, the campaign will be put on hold until midnight. A larger budget allows more clicks (visitors).

Ineffective Budget Managing – The budget you have for your AdWords campaign should be effectively managed. If that’s not the case, I can assure you that you are wasting your money.

Not Using Negative Keywords – With Google AdWords, you can use negative keywords. If you don’t want your ad to appear for certain products or services that are irrelevant to your business, you should add them as negative keywords. When people type those keywords, your ad will not appear.

You Have Been Using Broad Match Keywords Only – When using broad match keywords, your ad will appear for keyword variations that your potential customers enter in their browsers. I encourage you to use phrase match keywords. By using such keywords, your ad will appear when people type a particular phrase. That means your ad will not show up as often, but the huge advantage is that it will be targeted better.

Not Optimising Your Campaigns – An AdWords campaign requires time and dedication. Not spending enough time making necessary changes will lead to an unsuccessful campaign, and wasted money. If you need an AdWords service and assistance, feel free to get in touch with me, Nicole Brooke or visit the SEM page for further information.

Lengthy Keywords List – It is far better to have a shorter list that contains relevant keywords, than a long one with many under-performing ones.

You Didn’t Connect the Customer with What They Need – When people click on your ad, they expect to be taken to the product, not a home page, and if that’s not the case, they will probably choose another website.

You Targeted Your Ads Too Widely – You didn’t focus on a particular area and your ads were shown outside the certain area where your local business is situated.

You Made Too Many Changes in a Short Period of Time – You need to give your campaign some time to become significant, and if you are making too many changes and doing that too often, you won’t achieve your goal.


There are more than couple of reasons why a Google AdWords campaign may fail. Some of them are small budget, a keyword list that is too long, you didn’t use adequate keywords, or you didn’t use negative keywords, just to name a few.

To be found on the first page of Google, talk with me today and see how our professional AdWords Campaign management can help you reach a new audience.

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