Top 5 problems ecommerce websites face (and how to prevent them!)

According to IBIS World, online shopping in Australia is a $16 billion industry that has grown at a rate of 14.6% annually through 2011-2016. With little evidence to suggest it will slow down any time in the near future, it is no surprise that you either own an eCommerce business or are in the process of developing an eCommerce website.

Whether you’ve already started an eCommerce website or you’re thinking of starting up, it is a good idea to take a look at some of the most common problems that eCommerce websites face.

Here are the top 5 problems faced by eCommerce websites and how you can prevent them.

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1. Content not being unique

One of the biggest mistakes made by online retailers is to use stock product descriptions or non-unique titles. Duplicate content or content that is copied and pasted from another resource makes it extremely difficult for search engines to differentiate your eCommerce website from the competition. This has a derogatory effect on SEO performance, so you must make sure that you don’t fall victim to this mistake. Even if you don’t have enough time to write unique product descriptions, you can always hire a copywriting service, such as ours at Ignition Media. Our copywriters can write engaging and unique product descriptions that not only complement your SEO efforts but also help customers familiarise themselves with products.

2. Poor quality of images

Online shopping is completely dependent on high-quality product descriptions and high-quality images. As opposed to traditional shopping, customers cannot pick up, hold or inspect a product. To get around this problem, you need to provide high-quality photos of products taken from multiple angles. This offers customers a chance to experience a product and familiarise themselves with it before making a purchase. Also, ensure that your images can be zoomed into from all devices, smartphones included.

3. Poor navigation and search capabilities

Today’s consumer is always pressed for time. If consumers find it difficult to navigate or search for products on your eCommerce website, they will likely leave and never return. As a retailer, you simply cannot afford to lose out on sales this way. And you also have to worry about the after-sales part, which a dunning email example will teach you. Ensure that your website is properly designed, with intuitive navigation and excellent search capabilities. It is also a good idea to hire the services of professional eCommerce website designers, such as us at Ignition Media, who have the necessary skills and expertise to build great websites that satisfy a customer’s expectations.

4. Confusing/lengthy checkout process

Another mistake that I see across many eCommerce websites is that they have an extremely long or confusing checkout process. Remember – once a customer has decided on making a purchase, you must make the process as smooth as possible so as to minimise abandonment rates. This is achievable through implementing comprehensive shipping solutions. There’s nothing worse than customers selecting items for purchase, only to abandon them in the cart and leave. At Ignition Media, we count on WooCommerce to provide our customers with a simple checkout process. Only the necessary fields are included during checkouts, with the different steps of account creation, shipping, billing and payment information all in one or two pages.

5. Not using a secure website

I’m always surprised when I come across an eCommerce website that is not secure. Such sites fail to build trust with their audience as customers can never be sure that their information is securely protected. Many websites explain how dangerous a connection not secure can be. they explain it as something that can potentially harm your bank account. While not a requirement, if you’re receiving payment via PayPal, having an HTTPS secured website with encrypted connections, will protect sensitive data and establish trust. If your website isn’t already HTTPS secure, make sure to change it ASAP. You can arrange an SSL certificate for your website through your hosting company – it should cost no more than $220 per annum.


If you’re in the process of building an eCommerce website, make sure you avoid some common mistakes. These include using duplicate content, having poor navigation and search capabilities, having a confusing or a lengthy checkout process, not using a secure website and using poor quality images. By avoiding these basic mistakes, you can dramatically improve the chances of success with your eCommerce business.

At Ignition Media, we create custom-designed ecommerce websites using WordPress CMS and the #1 eCommerce plugin, WooCommerce.  Our eCommerce websites are built around the best design principles to ensure you’re business has the best chance of succeeding online. If you’re looking for a new website or to improve your existing website contact us today; call 07 5568 7515 or email [email protected]