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Increase your exposure with a mobile-friendly website by Ignition Media. Our responsive mobile websites are coded from any web design and use Bootstrap or Foundation responsive HTML frameworks. Moreover, our mobile websites are integrated with WordPress to give you an all-in-one solution that is fully-editable and fully-responsive on any smart phone or tablet device.

Gold Coast Mobile Website Design & Development

Ignition Media specialise in Gold Coast mobile website design and development for small and large business on the Gold Coast, and across Australia. Using the leading Responsive HTML Frameworks (Bootstrap and Foundation) we create mobile-friendly websites increase your exposure and rankings on Google and other leading Search Engines.

We believe mobile website design should be the industry standard and ensure every website we create is mobile-friendly, at no additional expense to our clients.

Why having a Mobile Website is so important

Mobile website usage is rapidly increasing each month. According to Google’s Australian “Our Mobile Planet” survey, 51% of Australian smart phone owners search (Google) via their phone everyday. The consumer behaviour of smart phone owners showed 61% are seeking product information, 43% are looking for a restaurants, pubs or bars, 34% are researching travel plans, 23% are searching for jobs and 23% are looking for apartment and housing information. More impressive, of the smart phone users that have performed a local search, 65% contacted the business, 68% visited the business online or in person, 19% recommended or reviewed the business and 39% made a purchase.

Don’t miss out on a potential gold mine. If you agree that its in your best interests to join the mobile revolution, get on board and enquire about a mobile website today.

Increase your exposure with a custom made responsive mobile website made by one of our experienced Gold Coast mobile website designers. Contact Ignition Media for a free quote today.

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If you want to take your business to a next level then you need a mobile website pronto! With a mobile website, you can expect your rankings to improve and business to boom. This is all thanks to the increased exposure you’ll receive from mobile search.

What is a Responsive Website?

Responsive website design means there is one version of the website but two separate style sheets; one for mobile devices and one for the regular version of the website. When viewing a responsive website on a mobile device, it is detected and the mobile version is displayed and vice versa for the browser version. The advantage of having a responsive website is that you only have to update one website for both version to be updated.

An alternative option for a mobile website is to have a separate website for mobile devices. This option is preferred should you wish to have a slimmed down version of your site. Of course in this instance, any changes will need to be applied to both versions of your website.