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Uniquely Popular: Rising Above a Popular Niche

Niche marketing is one of the best ways to make revenue online. The only problem is this: what happens when you’ve chosen the same niche which 10,000 other retailers have chosen? You’re bound to have trouble finding ideal domain names, and there’s a long list of websites you’ll have to beat for search engine rankings. Should you give up and just look for another niche? That’s also an option, but the real winners in the field don’t give up without a fight.

Find out what’s unique about your product

Before you walk out of the competition, find out what makes your product unique from everything else. What makes the product you’re selling better than all the other offers online? This could range from anything: from an added feature, to a lower retail price. You can throw in a freebie just to make your product more attractive. The important thing is to be competitive without totally losing your revenue. You may end up earning a little less than your competitors, but at least you’ll gain more customers.

Outrank the competition

Search engine listings are important when you’re selling products online. Make your presence known. Set up social media accounts for your store and ask your friends to refer your store’s fan page to their friends. Update these accounts regularly and try to offer attractive promos at least once every two weeks. If you have photo editing talent and a little sense of humor, maybe you can even make fun banners and ads which you can post for free on your social media accounts.

Ready to Ignite Your Website?

People buy into cuteness and humor, and pretty soon, you’ll have people checking in to look at your website because they’re curious. While it’s supposed to work backwards (the ranking should bring in the traffic, not the other way around), search engine rankings work that way, too. The most visited website is always put on top. If you can manually attract customers at first, you can actually outrank your competitors, no matter how long they’ve been around. The effect is cyclical and you’ll keep on attracting customers as long as you’re listed on top of search pages.

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