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What Brick-and-Mortar Shops can teach us about Search Engines

People puzzle over the nuances of search engine rankings every day. Everybody knows that websites are somehow ranked based on “relevance” and “popularity”, but how are these things measured, anyway? There are actually a few things brick-and-mortar shops can teach us when it comes to getting the top ranks in search engines.

Know your Customers’ Needs

Get into the hottest niches simply by knowing what your website visitors would need. Are you planning on specialising in pet care? Then be sensitive as a writer. The best brick-and-mortar shops have top of the line supplies in low prices. When you keep a website, you need to have the most useful articles on hand, written in the easy, conversational English. As long as it’s useful and accessible to as many people as possible, it would be ranked as “relevant”.

Of course, salting it with a few “hot” keywords would help as well, but it’s really about pleasing the real customers. Think about human readers first before you mind anything else. If you can’t do it yourself, hire a good writer to help you out.

Ready to Ignite Your Website?

Label your goods properly

Be very direct when you’re labeling articles and image files. Your links should also contain keywords in them so that the web crawlers can recognize them easily. Skip the “smart titles” and go for keyword-rich article titles instead. These would help your readers navigate your website better. If you need to insert a “smart” pun in your title, either because you’re trying to be unique, or because old habits die hard and you used to do it when you were writing for a magazine, try to put this puns at the tail end of your article titles.

While you’re writing primarily for human readers, you also need to keep in mind that web crawlers prioritise their searches. Unless the vital keywords are at the front end of your article titles, they might not be indexed by search engine crawlers at all.

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