Statistics for Mobile Site usage

Mobile site usage is definitely on the rise and many of the latest statistics reflect the importance and growth of mobile devices as channels for reaching out to people. Given below are some of the latest statistics that point out to various interesting facts:

Statistics on Local Mobile Search

According to a study conducted in February 2012 by the 5th Score Local Search Usage, 61% of people using smartphones conduct all their local searches through a mobile device. The same usage study also shows that 49% of tablet and mobile users conduct searches for local businesses through mobile applications. According to 2012 ThinkNear, mentioning a geographical location in a search result or ad can increase the click-through rates to 200%. Another study also found that 25% of all movie, 30% of restaurant and 20% telecom searches are mobile.

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Statistics on Mobile Apps And Mobile Web

In the US, 127.6 million and in Europe 108 million users of mobile devices used mobile apps or browsers in 2011 for consuming mobile media. In 2011 December, 47.6% of U.S.’s total mobile audience used applications and 47.5% used browsers. The same figures in Europe stand at 38.1% for browsers and 38.2% for applications.

Statistics On Mobile Commerce And Buying Habits

Over half of the smartphone population in the U.S. used their mobile device for performing retail search in 2011 while being inside the store. 79% of people using smartphones use it to research before shopping while 74% actually shopped for items through their devices. It also showed that 52% of all adult mobile users used it in store for their purchase decision.

As it can be seen from the facts stated above, having a mobile website has become quite inevitable. Contact Ignition Media today to get your own mobile website version!