How to Keep Customers Interested through Fan Pages

Small businesses need as much exposure as possible, and no matter how egoistic and aggressive it may seem, creating fan pages through social networking websites is always a good idea. Creating these pages is easy. You only have to choose an attractive profile photo (read: this is not necessarily your store’s logo), prepare all the necessary information about your store, and create handy discussion threads and a list of announcements. Before posting these announcements, though, make sure that you have enough clients in your contacts list. 50 to 100 is a good number.

Once you have a pretty good number of contacts, begin posting announcements. Don’t do this too often, though, as it can annoy your customers. Fan pages are nice because they’re less intrusive than emailed newsletters. Also, for the most part, they make use of micro blogging techniques which requires less effort on your part and less reading time on the clients’ part. You can begin posting announcements daily, but try to vary the times of your posts. For example, post your first announcement in the morning, then the next day, post at night, etc. Try to observe how well your clients react, if they react at all.

Later on, you can also post helpful tips and news on your blog or notes page. Almost all networking websites have these. There’s a slight downside to fan pages, though. It’s a public space, so you can expect that not all the feedbacks you’ll be getting are positive ones. There’s bound to be one or two negative feedback along the way. How can you deal with this?

Ready to Ignite Your Website?

This would depend on your marketing strategy. Some online stores erase the negative comments and block whoever is posting it from posting on the site or page again. This is the easy way out and it might not always reap good results. The best way to do it is to apologize in public and diplomatically try to resolve the issue in private. If the customer is reasonable, s/he’ll retract his/her negative statement and your online store will regain its good reputation.

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