CMS Website Solutions, What Is Best – Joomla, Modx, Or WordPress?

Content management systems have reached a venerable place in the Internet world because of the great importance they have in SEO. It is only a constantly updated website that can prosper on the Internet and that is the reason CMS has such great importance. But, when it comes to choosing a CMS, there are endless possibilities. Webmasters mainly juggle with two main systems – Joomla and WordPress. Lately, the open source MODx has also made its presence felt. So the decision-making has only become more complicated. The following is a summary of what these three CMS can do for you.


This is undoubtedly the most popular CMS used in the world today. It is open source and that adds to its sophistication. Experts from all over the world have shaped Joomla! into what it is today. That means, Joomla is definitely customer-driven. It is not all that difficult to make a website with this CMS and then constantly updating the website is a breeze. Even people with simple word processing skills can operate a Joomla! site. Hence, if you are looking for an inexpensive solution that looks good, use Joomla!


WordPress is basically known as a blog site, but it can be used as a CMS too. With simple plug-ins, it can be converted into an article directory, updated with syndicated content from a targeted directory. It can also be used as a membership site with another plug-in, where members can put in their own content. Hence, WordPress is a very stable CMS.

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MODx is open source and with various features including a PHP application framework, compatibility with all browsers, rich text editors, graphical installers, CSS menu builders, meta tag and keyword controls and many other features that are making it a hit with newbie website designers. Being free like Joomla!, it is definitely poised for greater glory.

Joomla! is good if you want a large database driven website, WordPress is good for regularly updating content and MODx is good for its large set of features. You must make your decision according to your needs.