Agtech Natural Resources

Agtech Natural Resources is an Australian Owned & Operated company specialising in manufacturing & supplying quality Fertilisers, Soil amendments, Natural Resources, Animal feed supplements, Human health, Fossil Shell Flour, VolcaMin (Zeolite, Kaolinite, Rock Dust), Microbes, Bio-stimulants, Seaweed Secrets, and Stimulizer.

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Agtech Natural Resources web design

The Brief

Agtech Natural Resources have been long-time clients of Ignition Media and contracted us again to build their latest website. The brief was to create a modern-looking website that housed all their products. Essentially to create an online store without the opportunity to purchase.

Our Solution

The website was built using WordPress and features a responsive HTML framework to allow the site to be friendly on mobile and tablet devices. Custom Post Types were used to create the product management as per the client’s requirements.

To meet the goals of Agtech Natural Resources, our solution included the following services:

  • Website Design
  • Responsive HTML Framework
  • WordPress Theme Development