Arundel Indoor Sports Arena

Arundel Indoor Sports Arena is the home for Indoors Sports on the Gold Coast. They offer indoor cricket, indoor netball, indoor soccer, and Inflatable World for kids!

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Arundel Indoor Sports Arena web design

The Brief

Arundel Indoor Sports Arena enlisted Ignition Media for a complete overhaul of their existing, and very outdated, website. They wanted a modern website to reflect their modern facility, which was also easy to manage in-house.

Our Solution

The website utilises Zurb Foundation for the responsive framework and WordPress for the CMS. A modern website was designed and converted into a WordPress theme to provide a 100% custom-made solution. The website also features a conditional form for Nominations.

To meet the goals of Arundel Indoor Sports Arena, our solution included the following services:

  • Website Design
  • Responsive HTML Framework
  • WordPress Theme Development