How to Create a Google Places Listing

Google Places is a service by Google that allows people to search for a business establishment online. When you create a Google Places listing, your business can be found via the Google search engine and its service Google Maps.

For instance, if you have a physical store and you have a listing on this service, anyone trying to find your store can find its complete address along with contact details and detailed directions via Google Maps online. And since results for Google Places are integrated with normal Google search engine results, a listing can also help with your search engine optimization (for instance, if someone uses less than accurate keywords on Google, there’s a chance your store will still come up on top thanks to the listing). Click here to learn more about its benefits.

The best thing about getting a business listed on Google Places is that it is free. All you have to do is register online.

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First, go to the Google Places websites. Choose the Get Started option and log in using your Google account. Create a separate account for the listing, in cause you’ll want to give others access to the account.

Next, input your business’ location and phone number. After this, you’ll be asked to put in more information about the establishment—from the name of the company, complete address, email address, and company description and category. It is important to fill this up completely and accurately, and this information will appear on the Google Places profile of the company later on.

Once submitted, you will have to verify the info (particularly, the address or the phone number) of the business you listed. Through verification (via phone call, text messaging, or postcard), you will receive a PIN. Sign in using Google account and go to (if you have not registered the listing using the account, the URL will not be active and instead ask you to add listing) and enter the PIN. Thus ends your Google Places listing process.

The listing will go live in a few days although Google Places says it only takes a day. So don’t worry if the listing doesn’t not go live after 24 hours.

A Google Places listing will make information about your establishment within easy reach of potential customers. The listing is also customisable with videos and photos and other business promos. In itself, it’s a great complimentary feature for any business.

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