How To Use Google’s Keyword Suggestion Tool

If you want to get the most relevant and effective keywords for your website’s SEO, then you’ll need to know how to use Google’s keyword suggestion tool. Being the best in the business on search, Google offers a wide range of services to ensure you can make a success of your SEO campaign and one such is the AdWords Keyword Suggestion Tool. This article is going to explain in brief about this tool, how you can use it to get the best results, and how you can use the info for Internet marketing.

What Is Google’s AdWords Keyword Suggestion Tool?

The Google keyword suggestion tool is a service provided by the Search giant to those people who have a PPC ad account with them. The tool is a program that helps people get the most relevant keywords for their PPC ad campaigns.

Nevertheless, this AdWords tool can be used by even those who wish to find relevant keywords for their articles, websites, and blogs etc.

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How to Use Google’s AdWords Keyword Suggestion Tool

The AdWords tool can be used in two ways.

1. Using seed keywords 2. Using the URL of an existing website (could be yours or your competitors).

  1. Using Seed Keywords – When you enter seed keywords, which is a keyword related to your business, the tool will generate list of most relevant keyword for you. So you can choose the ones you think can drive traffic to your website the best way.
  2. Using URL – When you enter a URL, the tool will analyse that website and generate keywords that are most relevant.

The Google Keyword Suggestion Tool is excellent for assessing competition as it generates keywords that get searched for most frequently. So, when you get to see the keywords/phrases that are most popular, using them is most likely to bring traffic to your website.

TIP: Never use the keywords with the most number of searches, and you have a lot of competition for those.