Keyword Placement in your Website’s Text

There was once a lot of fuss about keyword placement in articles published online. People were very interested in finding out how search engine crawlers worked. However, the algorithms that predicted how they reacted to online text changed too often. After a while, SEO specialists just gave up on trying to figure out which placements worked the best.

After all, search engine crawlers sifted through the whole web page. What does it matter where the keywords appear, as long as they’re well spread? It’s common practice to include the keyword in the title or heading of the text body, once in the first paragraph, once in the middle, and once in the last sentence. These keyword placements were usually applied when the keyword density isn’t too high. When the keywords appeared more frequently throughout the text, the job becomes slightly trickier.

No matter where you place the keyword in your text, make sure it appears naturally. It has to be integrated well with the rest of the article so that human readers don’t feel like they’re reading an article that’s meant to be recognized solely by machines or web robots. It’s a very bad idea to cram all of the keywords in a single paragraph. It would make the paragraph appear too redundant, and while it might let the website achieve temporary top rankings, visitors won’t click on the other pages if the first article they see is written poorly.

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Most search engines also have a preview feature. Even before clicking on the link, Internet users are able to see parts of the article where the keyword they’re looking for appeared the most. If this is poorly written, with too many grammatical errors and awkward phrasings, it’s not likely that they’ll click on the link.

The best SEO specialists would encourage you to fashion your website so it’s human-friendly. Incorporate keywords and other search engine “hooks” only when necessary. Before SEO, though, you should make sure that your website is informative and crafted well.

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