Optimisation Tips

DIY Website Promotion

If you are a start up business which is not yet in the position to have a professional search engine optimisation specialist optimise your website, there are few simple search engine optimisation tips which you can apply to your website to increase your chances of being found on the internet.

All you need is basic knowledge of HTML or a WYSIWYG editor.


General rule of thumb is to target one – two keywords per page. Choose keywords to best describe that page or has most relevance and stick with it throughout that page.

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Add Titles To Pages

Once you have your Keyword, you need to make it appear within your site so a search engine can spider your site and find it. It is always a good idea to have your main keyword in the title of your page, this helps your website be found in search engines for the searched term.

Add Meta Tags to Pages

Meta tags are collected by these spiders so you site can be displayed under appropriate keywords through SERPs. It is vital to have a ‘description’ and ‘keywords’ meta set on your webpage which relate back to your core keyword.

Add Relevant Content

Remember content is king. This is the most important aspect of search engine optimisation. The key is to get the correct ratio of keywords to text so you a.) give the search engines what they need to find your site and b.) don’t go overboard resulting in your site being penalised for spamming. Rule of thumb is 3-4 placements of your keyword per 100 words on a page. This may change as search engines change their algorithm but it is fairly safe ratio. You want to have your keyword between 3-7%.

Link Popularity

Over the last 8 months there has been a massive shakeup in search engine optimisation. Your website’s page rank now plays a very important role in search engine optimisation. No longer is it enough just to have you website optimised. You now need https://ignitionmedia.com.au/services/local-seo-citations/ to build and hold positioning on a search engine.

Of course these tips are only a basic guide to search engine optimisation.

We suggest you give them a try with your website and see if your traffic or enquiries increase.

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