Top 10 Free Directories to Add Your Website To

When it comes to SEO, there is no debate on the importance of link building. Backlinks are an important and vital part of good SEO and have the ability to put your website on the first couple of pages on Google search results. An SEO professional has many ways to generate quality backlinks to your site. But one of the most popular and time tested methods is by submitting your web address to free web directories.

The biggest benefit of submitting your website URL to web directories is that you will start to generate traffic in a few weeks. Backlinks are great for traffic generation and make your website searchable, and accessible on the Internet. Every time someone searches for a specific category, they will be able to find your site. For ex: if you have submitted a website on fashion, every time someone looks up ‘fashion’ websites, they will find your website leading to a possible sale.

Web directories also benefit from website URL submissions as this helps them to grow faster and generate more awareness. This also helps them gain page rank on Google. So your growth is linked to the growth of the web directories and vice-versa. Perhaps that is why it is a very good choice to submit to free web directories, the more you submit to the better for your business and more chances of your website showing up on the first couple of SERPs. Higher page rank leads to more traffic and increased revenue.

Ready to Ignite Your Website?

Submitting to free web directories is a legitimate way to build links and increase your popularity. I have compiled a list of the top 10 free directories to add your website to. Take advantage of this and start submitting your URL now.