Top 5 Linking Strategies to Improve Page Rank

Link building is a very powerful strategy for improving the ranking of your website on the search engines hence making your site more visible to many internet users. Here are the top 5 linking strategies to help improve your page rank.

Inbound and Reciprocal Linking

There are two types of links: inbound links and outbound links. Inbound links are links from other websites to yours, while outbound links are the ones that will lead your visitors to another website. Apparently, an inbound link is rather more important to help you increase the page rank of your website than an outgoing link. Furthermore, Local SEO Citations are also helpful in increasing your ranking. These links are the result of an agreement between two website owners to establish links to each other’s site.

Internal Linking

This refers to linking your current posts to your old articles. Also, when you have multiple pages on your website, you can link them together to easily direct visitors from one page to another. For instance, if you have three pages, you can link page 1 to page 2, page 2 to page 3, and then page 3 back to page 1.

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Article Marketing

When you are writing articles for submission, ensure that you have high quality content. This will give you a solid base for attracting more and more visitors to your site, hence increasing your page rank. Your content should not only be SEO focused but should also be relevant to your site. Article directories allow you to post your contact details or links to your website at the resource box located at the end of each post.

Forum Posting

Just like article marketing, forum posting allows you to include a signature at the end of your post. In this signature, you can specify your website or your blog’s url. Make sure to only post in threads that are related to your website’s niche though.

Newsletter and Article Swapping

If you want to obtain more backlinks, one of the best strategies to get them is by swapping articles and newsletters with related websites. By letting other publishers feel your presence they will contact you for a joint venture proposal. Nevertheless, make sure that you are linked from a quality, related website.

When search engines find many links to your site, your page will be placed on top of the search results once an internet user place the keywords that are relevant to your website. If you wish to improve your ranking through various linking strategies, then hire a good Local SEO Citations. Ignition Media search engine optimisation specialists can help you create valuable links to generate more traffic to your website.