Using Twitter To Promote A Website

One of the biggest challenges a website owner faces is that of traffic; generating high volume of traffic to be precise. As an owner of a couple of websites, I go into panic every time the visitor count is down to a couple of hundred. In order to ensure a steady growth in my visitor count, I turned to Twitter.

Twitter is one of the best things that could have happened to me as a website owner. Pretty much from the day I started ‘tweeting’ my messages, I initiated the process of generating a solid number of visitors for my website. A tweet, for all the uninitiated, is a 140 words brief description of the information you want to post and contains a shortened URL (tiny or A tweet is a good way to draw attention of the fellow “tweeters” (people who tweet on Twitter website) and using the URL you can point them to your website for direct traffic.

Tweeting on a daily basis, up to 4-5 times or more in a day, can help you get 100-120 visitors on your website every day. Mind you, these are just the basic numbers, but you can even manage to get traffic that’s beyond these figures.

Ready to Ignite Your Website?

I have compiled a set of quick tips to help you better ‘tweet’ your posts –

  1. Don’t get greedy and start spamming. That’ll be the fastest way to reduce your visitors’ count. Tweet your post no more than 3-5 times a day.
  2. Use your imagination and create a compelling tweet so that tweeters/followers (people who follow your posts regularly) are motivated to click on your URL.
  3. Spread your messages across by coming up with a way to allow your followers to‘re-tweet’ or re-post your messages. WordPress has a plug-in called Add to Any that helps in this cause.

Finally, remember it’s not about you, but about how you can drive more traffic to your website!