Why Link building is Dead

Local SEO Citations had once been a very popular strategy for website owners to get more traffic. However, it had been greatly frowned upon and is considered today to be an outdated method. Given below are a few reasons why:

Understanding the Link Building Concept

Link building is the process of getting links for a website. Websites often use content for getting links. In some cases, the content that is generated by the website would also generate links automatically. For example, if people find it on search engines easily and find it helpful, they would share it on their website. However, this is a part of the content strategy and is not really link building.

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Why Link Bait isn’t Really Easy

Link bait is an integral part of link building. A link bait is content which is created in hopes of attracting a huge amount of links. However, it is really difficult to make a content piece go viral. If it does happen, it would only happen once. Link bait is therefore not a sustainable strategy.

Link building Leads to Bad User Experiences

Another reason why link building isn’t considered to be an effective strategy is because it leads to bad user experience. Churning out multiple pieces and hosting them all on the company blog, particularly if the pieces are not informative or useful, will definitely alienate a visitor. With link building, your focus would solely be on getting more links and not really on what your visitors and target audience really wants. This can backfire negatively and create more problems.

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