Can Instagram Be Used As A Promotional Tool?

While most people do not view Instagram as a business tool, there are various ways in which you can incorporate it in your business marketing strategy. If you have any product which can be showcased through photographs you can use Instagram to share product photographs with others and generate more interest.

Use Instagram for Marketing an Event

If you have an upcoming business event, there could be no better way to spread the news than with fun photos. Try to be creative and use snazzy photographs. Instagram allows you to share it on multiple platforms.

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Host a Photography Contest for Your Customers

Involve users by hosting a contest where they can take pictures of how they use your products and share them with others. You can also have a contest for captioning a photograph. When you involve customers in fun events, they tend to come back again.

Use Instagram to Tell A Story

Instagram can definitely be used in many innovative ways. You can use it for finding people who use your services and products and connect with the potential clients. It can also be used for telling a story to your potential customers in a creative way. Create a photo collage with Instagram to tell the story of how your business was founded, the story behind how you came up with the idea of a particular product or to even show behind the scenes story of your staff members.

Instagram provides you a unique opportunity to tell your story through photographs. Images have a far better impact than words and this is one of the reasons why Instagram can prove to be a solid promotional tool. Wondering how to get started? Contact Ignition Media and allow us to formulate your Instagram marketing plan!