Does Linkedin Help A Small Business Grow?

LinkedIn is a social media tool. However, the purpose of LinkedIn is to bring professionals together and that can be a bit boring! But as a small business owner, does being on LinkedIn help your cause? Can you generate eyeballs that convert in solid sales with the help of LinkedIn? And if you can, how do you do it? Let’s find out.

Lead Generation

If you already have a list of individuals, companies and titles that you wish to contact for lead generation purposes, then you can do that by searching on LinkedIn based on fields like industry, previous or current companies, postal code etc. Once you have your information, you can simply connect to them through, what is called, a first degree connection. You can even ask for a referral and get a “leg-in” that company.

Tapping Into The Influencers

Whenever you talk to a large corporation, it’s important to remember that you need to try and talk to those who make the decisions or are the influencers in helping you make the sale. There is no point talking to someone who is not in such a position. When you join LinkedIn, you’ll soon realise that you can connect with the decision-makers and reach out to them. However, beware of incorrect information.

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Build Your Reputation With Referrals

When you get referred by other people on LinkedIn, you tend to enjoy credibility and build a positive reputation. Moreover, all the people on your LinkedIn list will be able to see this info and this could lead to building more contacts and thus expanding your network.

Position Yourself As An Expert

In order to leverage the potential of LinkedIn, you should try and position yourself as an expert of a particular domain (your small business) and develop your contact list. Not only are you likely to increase your chances of getting more inquires, but you will also generate interest and this could lead to growth of business and revenue.