How to Create A Facebook Ad campaign

Facebook Ad campaigns allow businesses to target customers and offer valuable and new offers in a small budget. Given below is a guide on creating an effective Facebook Ad campaign.

Understanding the Important Elements in the Campaign

An effective and good Facebook Ad campaign should have a great call to action that will be able to engage the attention of users and motivate them to take action. The ads must also provide some value to the users and the  ad should be delivered to the right audience.

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Creating the Facebook Ad Campaign

The first think you should do is to think about the goals of your campaign. Next, you will have to decide on the budget of the campaign as well as the duration for which you want to display the ads. If you are just starting out, start with a lower budget. You will also need to determine your goals for the clickthrough goals.

Measuring the Results of the Campaign

After your goals have been determined and the ad has been created you will then have to measure the results. The impressions will tell you the number of times the ad had been seen. The clickthrough rate is the number of times the ad is clicked. The action is the number of individuals that took the particular action you wanted for them. You will also have to measure the number of conversions as well as the cost for each conversion.


Before you develop a Facebook ad campaign you should remember that these ads change on an ongoing basis. New customization methods are introduced at all times. Be patient and try something new if your ads don’t work well.

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