How to Validate Your Google+ Business Address

Those who have had the experience of setting up Google+ and integrating the pages with Google Local would know how tiresome and difficult the verification process is. Although the integration is a great idea, it does require the business owners to follow an arduous and tiresome process of contacting Google with their verification request.

The New Verification Process is Easier

Google has recently made the verification process much easier. It only takes seconds to verify your business address with Google Local and Google+ page. Requesting for the verification only takes a few seconds but it might take a few days to get the verification letter.

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How to Get Your Business Address Verified

The first thing you will need to do is to hover over the “Unverified” tab located at the top of the page. Next, click on “Verify Now” tab. Confirm your business address. Click on “Request Postcard”. After you do that, Google will mail a letter or a postcard to your business address so you can verify your address. It might take a few days to reach your address but once you receive it, you can find a PIN on this postcard that can be entered on Google+ and your address would be verified.

Complete Guide Can Be Found on Google+

This new verification process, along with a full guide on how to do it can be found on the Google+ business page and it covers almost everything you will need to know. This new process is much easier as well as quicker and it will unify your presence across Mobile, Maps, Google Search and Google+.

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