What is the best Social Media Platform to Promote Your Business?

Each social media platform will have its distinct uses and advantages. You can be successful with each platform individually since every customer would find a different platform that they feel comfortable with. Unless you combine all of them, you wouldn’t be able to get the results you envisioned.

Using Facebook for Marketing Your Business

Facebook is still the most popular social media platform today, offering companies various integrated tools for marketing their business. It is a great place to keep your followers informed about business updates, offers and news, while developing a community spirit and building loyalty.

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Since Twitter has a shorter format, it may be challenging to build a close relationship with your customers. However, it is a great place to provide short updates to your followers and keep in touch with them. Twitter can be used effectively for directing attention to new content, special offers, marketing products and releasing company news.


Although it is not yet as powerful or popular as Twitter and Facebook, Google+ is still a great platform for customizing content so that you can market to different follower groups in different ways.


Pinterest is a social media platform that is highly versatile and can be used by almost any type of business. It can be used to generate interest in your products through beautiful images.

Other than the ones mentioned above, YouTube and LinkedIn are two great options to consider. When you combine these platforms, you will be able to target audiences of different types with what they find to be the most useful. You can also link each check-in, pin, update and tweet to each of these platforms to build stronger relationships.

If you want to develop a strong social media strategy that involves all of these platforms, contact Ignition Media to get the best results.