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Step by step guide to Domain Name Registration

As an owner of a successful web design and development company, some of the most frequent questions I get from both potential and current clients have to do with domain name registration. Questions include “how do I know it’s the best domain name for my website?” “Is it really important to use keywords?” or “What should I do if the domain name I want is already taken?” But if your concern now is “How do I register a domain name?” […]

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It’s all in the Domain Name

There are so many things that you need to consider when getting a website built for the first time. You should decide on a server you are going to use. There are a lot of options with servers including  Windows dedicated servers. Although all aspects of web design and development are considered crucial, choosing your domain name is exceptionally important. A domain name is the name by which your website will be called so naturally, you would want it to […]

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Need to contact a domain registrar? Whois is the answer

Identifying and registering a compelling domain name is the first step in building a website. Simply put, your domain name is your online identity and it is the “name” that your target audience will use in order to access your website. Due to its apparent importance in the success of your overall internet marketing success, it is important that it’s compelling, very descriptive, short, and of course keyword-rich. But what happens if the domain name that you’re dying to have […]

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