5 Reasons your business needs social media management

Social networks have truly changed the way businesses approach marketing in many ways. The outpouring views of your favourite celeb that you see: those views came from TheMarketingHeaven.com and agencies alike. Social networking can help a business gain insight on what people need or want, it can help business find potential leads and customers and of course, it can help a business gain more followers. These benefits have not gone unnoticed by many Australian businesses. In fact, according to quiip.com.au, 56% of large Australian businesses and 32% of medium Australian businesses have a social media presence. If you’re not making use of social media for your business, you’re certainly missing out.

I hear you when you say that you don’t have enough time to devote to managing a social presence – there are just so many other business aspects that you need to consider. However, the good news is that you need not manage your social networks by yourself. You can simply make use of social media management services and have a professional, such as myself, manage your social networks for you.

Social media management refers to the methods that are used to maintain and update one’s presence on social media networks. Most businesses – even celebrities – hire a specific individual or a team to manage their social networks. Social media management can boost your marketing efforts and allow you to meet your business goals.

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As a social media manager, in this article, I will list out some of the benefits that social media management can offer to your business.

1. Better brand recognition

The main reason so many of our clients undertake our social media management service is to improve their brand recognition. Social media networks are channels where you can voice your brand’s content. This makes it easier for you to gain access to new customers and also allows you to recognise and familiarise yourself with existing customers. By actively engaging with an audience on social media, you can improve customer loyalty and build on brand reputation better than any other marketing channel that you use.

2. Helps boost SEO

Some of our clients also use social media management in order to boost their existing SEO efforts. Indeed, social media managers can help create and share quality content, allowing you to build on your audience and increase traffic to your website. Search engine crawlers are always on the lookout for sites that receive traffic from social networks, so this leads to better organic rankings for your website. Being active on social media makes search engines believe that your brand is credible, legitimate and trustworthy.

3. Increases opportunities

Effective social media marketing is guaranteed to present new business opportunities. Every time a post or a comment is made on social media sites, you have an opportunity to convert customers. By building a following, you will gain access to new customers in addition to your existing customers and you get a chance to interact with all of them. Every positive reaction that you receive on social networks can lead to a conversion. The sheer number of opportunities that social networks have to offer to your business is immense.

4. Improved conversion rates

Social media marketing can result in better conversions for your business. When we engage with an audience on social media for our clients, we make their brand more “humanised” in the eyes of people. This allows a brand to behave like a human, making people more receptive. Many studies have demonstrated that social media offers a 100% better lead/close ratio as compared to other outbound marketing channels. Simply building an audience on social media can improve the trust and credibility of your brand, ultimately leading to better conversion rates for your business.

5. Better customer experience

At the very core, social media works as a communication channel. Clients who make use of the social media management services offered by Ignition Media present a better experience to their customers as compared to other channels such as emails or phone calls. A social media manager can demonstrate your customer service levels publicly and if done properly, this will enrich relationships. Social media allows you to offer a personalised experience to your customers and they will value you more because you show that you care for them.

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As a business owner, you simply cannot overlook the importance of using social media management as a marketing channel. By hiring the services of a social media manager, you can build better brand recognition, boost your SEO efforts, increase business opportunities, enjoy improved conversion rates and deliver a better customer experience. The best part about social media management is that you can enjoy immense returns on relatively small investments.

Here, at Ignition Media, we offer a complete suite of online marketing services, which also includes social media management. Whether you need basic consultation, a campaign overhaul or full-fledged campaign management, we can help you out with your needs. Our social media managers are experts in the field and they can bring about huge benefits to your business.

Take advantage of social media management services and give your business the boost it needs. Contact us at Ignition Media today!