Benefits Of Clean CSS Website Code

Almost a decade back, programmers had a set pattern to follow during HTML coding and experimentation was not feasible. But then CSS or Cascading Style Sheets came into the existence and was proposed for use by Håkon Wium Lie in 1994. The first CSS specification that received the official W3C recommendation in December 1996 was CSS level 1 and this was followed by CSS Level 2 in May 1998 and currently CSS level 3 is under development.

CSS website code is normally used with HTML, XHTML, PHP as well as other programming languages. There are several benefits of using Cascading Style Sheets from a design and programming perspective as well as from the SEO perspective. Here’s a small list of some of the benefits that you may get if you incorporate CSS:

  • CSS can make your website SEO friendly. All you have to do is create an external CSS file for determining the various design attributes. As a result, your HTML code will be cleaner and this will help the search engine spiders to index your web page well. The end result = better search engine rankings.
  • CSS ensures cross browser compatibility. All top browsers like Mozilla, Netscape, and Explorer recognize CSS.
  • Professional Website: Your website will be able to load faster, it will be easy to maintain, it will make your website links dynamic and attractive, and above all, you can incorporate rollovers without having to use Javascript.
  • Bandwidth: The CSS file is stored in the browser cache and hence it can be used for multiple pages without having to reload it over and over again.
  • Content Format: CSS enables the publication of website content in several presentation formats based on certain parameters. Some of the parameters include different web browsers, geographical location of a user, explicit user preference, and other variables.

Having a clean CSS website code will not only make your website look professional and dynamic but also help you in getting ahead of your competition!

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