The Best HTML Editors for Website Design

Although more and more platforms are now offering ready to go plug-in templates, there is still a huge demand for custom made websites as they appear to be more authoritative, more trustworthy, more professional, and they are perfect for profit-driven websites. However, effective website design can be extremely difficult, time-consuming, and complex particularly to non-developers. Luckily, there are several website design software tools that were specifically created to make the whole process a lot easier.

There is a range of HTML editors available to suit a variety of skill levels. Some of the most highly recommended HTML editors are as follows:

  1. NotePad++ – This is a source code editor designed to support different programming languages which include C++, XML, batch file, CSS, Flash action script, and Unix Shell Script among others. Its main features are regular expression search, syntax highlighting and syntax folding, WYSIWYG, full drag & drop supported, Unicode support, synchronized views of the same document, brace and indent guideline highlighting, and user language define system.
    Based on Scintilla, a powerful editing component, Notepad++ is writte in in C++ and uses STOL and Win32 APIl giving users an assurance when it comes to smaller programming size and higher execution speed.
  2. UltraEdit – UltraEdit is one of the most highly recommended HTML editors for website design this year and it is what we here at Ignition Media use for viewing our code. It provides wide range of customisation options, responsive technical support, and an intuitive layout. However, both experienced users and non-developers might find advanced features to be complex. However, if you have the needed skills and if you’re looking for robust functionality, this is the one for you. It’s latest version, UltraEdit 19 is powerful and feature-rich. It allows you to design your own interface configuration with a mix of panels, windows, and toolbars. You are also given the option to flip to one of the many predefined interfaces from stripped-down Notepad Replacement to the full-on Power User.
  3. WebStorm – A specialised version of PhpStorm, WebStorm is a commercial IDE for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript offering comprehensive features. It has pre-installed plugins, provides automatic code completion, refactoring support, on-the-fly analysis, and VCS integration. With its deep knowledge of XML, XHTML, and HTML does, WebStorm is capable of completing file references, styles, and tag names. It was designed to detect and later on, suggest auto-fixes for errors, which include unused CSS class definitions, invalid CSS properties, and invalid CSS selector format.
  4. Coda 2 – Developed by Panic Software, Coda 2 is a proprietary and commercial web development application specifically created for Max OS X. Released in 2007, it won Best User Experience at the 2007 Apple Design Award. Coda version 2.0 along with its iPad version was released in May 2012. This software offers trimmed-down, sleek alternative to expensive Wed design suites. It combines all the tools you’ll ever need to build a site in an integrated workflow. Meanwhile, it’s collaboration tools allow users to seamlessly work together with others. It also features built-in FTP sidebar so you can quickly update your site. Perhaps its best feature is the powerful Find and Replace tools which allows users to conveniently and quickly drag & drop global changes to their code.
  5. Adobe Dreamweaver – This is definitely one of the most popular website design software that most experienced and expert designers prefer, and again one that we use here at Ignition Media for our HTML code. More than just an HTML editor, it fully integrates coding tools and visual design. It also supports PHP, CSS, ASP, and other different scripting languages.
    What makes Dreamweaver the choice of most website designers is the fact that it provides users with high level of control throughout the design process. It allows users to create advanced interactive features, which include rollover images, drop-down menus, apps for mobile devices, fluid grid layouts, and collapsible panels.
    Boasting advanced WYSIWYG capabilities, Dreamweaver make the process of designing a website exceptionally pain-free. Like other programs, it will develop the HTML code for you. This means that you don’t have to have in-depth coding knowledge to create a responsive and fully functional website.
  6. Microsoft Expressions Web – Just like Dreamweaver, this features hybrid editing in a dual-panel setting. It allows users to work in hand code and WYSIWYG simultaneously. Although it comes with built-in web templates, Microsoft Expressions Web isn’t exactly for beginners. Unlike other HTML editors, this one doesn’t have drag & drop positioning nor drawing tools. However, this software is hailed for its notable SEO features. Designed to help users rank better on search page results, this software provides useful, exclusive tips on how you can optimise your website.  A free version is also available.
  7. Bluefish – this is an open source advanced HMTL text editor that is used by millions of web designers. Compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, Solaris, Linux, and other different platforms, it is precisely versatile and extremely flexible. However, although it offers several tools for programming, it is not a WYSIWYY type of editor. This means that in order to use it, you need to know how to code. Users agree that it is one of the best HTML editors for website design available these days as it is extremely useful for dynamic web design and mobile web design which is becoming more and more important.

Individuals looking for available HTML editors will be happy to know that there are several options that they can take advantage of depending on their skill level. There are HTML editors specifically designed for beginners and there are some that are perfect for experienced designers.

Ready to Ignite Your Website?

However, if you don’t have the time, the skills, and the knowledge to develop and design your own website, you have the option to hire professional web design company. Ignition Media has designed cutting edge websites for clients Australia wide. With 15 years of skill and expertise, you are assured of great website, exceptional customer service, and 100% satisfaction. For any questions or a free quote, please email me at [email protected] and I will get back to you ASAP.

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