How much do website designs cost?

As a Gold Coast website designer, one of the most common asked questions I receive from friends and strangers is ‘how much do website designs cost? If you’ve recently requested a quote from multiple website design firms, one thing you’ll have noticed is that the quotes you receive will be very different from one another. Therefore, it is very important that you keep this in mind – depending on where you get the web design service, the price will always vary. Unfortunately, most website owners do not understand why quotes vary and why some of them are outrageously inflated or unrealistically low.

This article dives into the price factor of web design and advises on how much you should pay for your web design project on the Gold Coast. With that in mind, let’s get started:

Important Factors that Contribute to the Cost of a Website

Whenever you prepare for the budget of your website design project, you want to include all of the components your website requires. This is recommended to avoid overspending later on to incorporate what else you missed. Ask yourself the following questions:

Ready to Ignite Your Website?

  • Is my website a new brand or just a redesign of your older version?
  • Are you well prepared to ask for bids? What detailed requirements do you have?
  • Are you after a content management system as well?
  • Do you need a ecommerce facility on your website?
  • Do you have your graphics ready with you?
  • Would you w ant a mobile version of your website?
  • In need of any multimedia elements such as video and flash on your website?
  • How much content does your website currently have or need? Do you have any other special requirements that you would wish to be included such as SEO and social media channels?
  • Who will manage and maintain your website once it’s off the ground?

In the discussion below, I am going to dig deeper into how to set your estimates and budget at large.

Interface Design

Your website designs interface, better known as visual design or the website’s look and feel, includes branding, your images and photos as well as page layouts. Avoid assuming that just because you already have a premade theme that you will not need the services of a Gold Coast web designer. Honestly, design layouts and images will always need someone to redo them so that they match the look and feel of your website. This process is usually very iterative. This means the selected website designer will have to come up with several options which he/she will then modify to meet the customer requirements. Avoid skimping on your website interface design.

Graphics and Images

One other difficult component to budget is images or graphics. Cheap stock images range from $1 upwards but this also depends on the budget that you’ve set aside. Greater looking graphics will obviously cost more. Keep in mind that these images and graphics can make all that difference in the design and look of your website designs. Set aside at least $50-100 for stock photos. That’s not enough since you’ll also need buttons and stock icons to complement your overall web design. Add at least $50 to cater for this.

Mobile and Responsive Design Costs

Mobile devices have become very critical to website success. Take this seriously and be sure to make your design mobile friendly. The best web designs are responsive meaning that they easily adjust their templates to look great and function well on several other devices. At Ignition Media, we create all our websites to be responsive at no additional cost, just an added bonus offered with our awesome Gold Coast website design services.

Content Creation and Insertion Costs

As far as content is concerned, the least priced model for most small business is to craft all the content on their end then insert it using the site’s content management system. Most web designers have no issue delivering a totally blank template that the customer would later on populate with images as well as text. However, if you need a company such as Ignition Media to handle your copywriting and content creation on the Gold Coast, be sure to budget about $100-150 per web page.

Programming and Maintenance costs

There are several features that web designers can integrate into your project to improve its overall functionally. However, these will always add up. Also keep in mind that your website will have to be maintained. Great website designs always change in line with an update or a tweak in their strategy. Maintenance may not be necessary until you accidentally delete that Homepage that you’ve spent your time and resources to craft to perfection.


To cut this story short, how much do website designs cost? Well, most small businesses design, develop and launch websites depending on their target return on investment as well as the available budget. Without hitting the roof, most web design projects can range in price anywhere from $1000-14000 according to responses from professional website designers at Still, this depends on where you get that service. At Ignition Media, we handle custom Gold Coast website design projects which mean that our client has the final word regarding what he/she is willing to spend. On average, a typical WordPress website for small businesses that is not only mobile friendly but also user friendly will cost around $3500. Visit our website design page or call (07) 55 687 515.

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