What Colours Work Best on the Web?

The website is a psychological and visual medium. The sales copy, words and the colors that you use on your site would have the greatest impact on visitors and therefore it would be your most effective sales and communication tool. This is one of the reasons why you should select your website colours carefully.

The Importance of Colours for A Website

Just as words can be used for expressing thoughts, colours can also be used for expression and for conveying a particular message. The color of the headlines, sub-headlines, text, header and the background page colours will all have an impact on a visitor.

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Commonly Used Colours and their Psychological Impact on Visitors

Given below are a few common colours and how they affect people:

  • Red will be associated with adventure, action, impulse, food, excitement, warning, danger, passion and love.
  • Blue will be associated with professionalism, power, calmness, seriousness, success and trustworthiness
  • Green will be associated with harmony, life, healing, health, animals, nature and money.
  • Orange will be associated with affordability, youth, fun, celebration, creativity and comfort.
  • Purple will be associated with dreams, fantasy, luxury, uncertainty, ambiguity, justice and royalty.
  • White would be associated with simplicity, cleanliness, purity and innocence
  • Yellow would be associated with amusement, cheerfulness, playfulness and curiosity
  • Grey would be associated with reserved, indifference and neutrality.
  • Brown will be associated with simplicity, primitive, tribal, nature and earth.

Selecting the Right Colours for Your Website

The colours you select should be ultimately based on the target audience as well as the psychological message you wish to convey. White and blue backgrounds are the best for business websites. Colours like red work best for food webistes, green is the best for lawn or golf websites and pink is the best for feminine product websites.

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