What Does the Future Hold for Responsive Websites?

In the areas and circles of web design and business as well, one of the most common subjects often discussed is responsive web design, its future, and the future of responsive websites. In case you are not familiar with what responsive design is, which I doubt, here is a quick explanation. Responsive design means you will build one website, and that website will work on all devices regardless of the size of the screen.

In this article, I will explain the benefits of responsive web design, why it is a must, as well as what the future holds for responsive websites.

Responsive design – ultimate solution:

A couple of years ago, the expansion of mobile devices opened many new doors and possibilities. At the beginning, mobile phones were used for calling and messages, then we were given the ability to connect to the Internet, but from this perspective, the beginning of Internet usage on mobile devices was poor. Many companies and business owners soon realised that the direction in which they needed to move was the improvement of user experience when connecting the Internet over their mobile devices. The first steps were taken with mobile templates, but the content and functionality with mobile templates was reduced because of the screen size. Responsive design was the solution business owners and users have been waiting for. The website adjusts to any screen size, and all the content and features will be there. Today, a mobile-friendly website is the obvious choice as people are using smartphones and tablets for web browsing, and you will need to stay on track. If you are interested in responsive websites, contact us at Ignition Media, the leading design team on the Gold Coast.

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Benefits of responsive websites:

The first, and the most obvious thing about responsive websites, is that they successfully adjust to any screen, no matter if it’s a tablet, laptop or smartphone. Another thing directly connected with the previous one, is of course, the user experience. People avoid sites which are not optimised for browsing via a mobile phone, or not “mobile-friendly”. Responsive websites load a lot faster on mobile devices, and are also a preferred SEO solution.


This is a challenge. The truth is, we now have smartphones and tablets, and we can use them for web browsing whenever we want. But what about wearables? Modern technologies certainly won’t stop at phablets, iOS and Android mobile devices. Now, since Apple released its Apple Watch with various built in apps, and many available in the App Store, we all noticed there is no web browser. Why? Because the size of the Watch’s screen is too small, and a full web experience is not an option for now. There is the future of responsive design, to answer new challenges such as wearables, and to provide a full web experience. The direction is screen independent designs.

Future of responsive websites:

When it comes to a responsive websites, simply said, they have a bright future. According to statistics, and some of the latest research, a majority of users will browse the web over smartphones, tablets and phablets, instead of desktop computers and laptops. If you don’t have a mobile-friendly website, you’ll notice fewer visitors, and your competition will be way ahead of you. Why? Because your competition have responsive websites that offer a better user experience. Times have changed, the design has changed, and you have to change as well, by embracing responsive design. At some point, long form content will be included on the wearables as well, because designers are always searching for new and innovative solutions. Responsive websites are the present, and the future.


With all this taken into account, it is clear that responsive websites are a must. Technological improvements, new devices and innovations have a huge impact on the design, which is changing and improving as well. The future holds many new great surprises and powerful devices, that’s for sure, and design will certainly adapt with some excellent solutions.

If you need an outstanding, mobile-friendly, responsive website, get in touch with the team at Ignition Media, the leading web designers on the Gold Coast.

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