What’s the Best Front-end Framework?

With so many different frameworks available out there, it can be tricky to decide which one to use. Given below are some of the front-end frameworks that you can select from:

HTML5 Boilerplate Front-end Framework

The HTML5 Boilerplate framework is a frontend, professional developer’s base JS/CSS/HTML template for a futuristic, robust and fast website. The framework was developed after four years of development and testing and includes some of the best practices in performance optimizations, across browser normalization, Flash and XHR. It has a huge range of tricks that will definitely get any project started quickly and in the right direction. If you require some of the basics provided by a framework such as general styles, configs and resets then this is the right framework for you.

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The Bootstrap Framework from Twitter

The Bootstrap framework was introduced by Twitter recently and it offers flexible and simple Javascript, CSS and HTML for many popular interactions and user interface components. It is a toolkit for beautiful, faster web development. If you want a framework which provides you all the tools for prototyping as well as for building a website that is production-ready, Bootstrap is currently the best possible option. It has several great components and features which will help you get started and can also be customized easily through your CSS file or through the Customizer.

The Foundation Front-end Framework

Foundation is a responsive, rock-solid framework for quick prototyping as well as production code iteration. The framework includes future friendly, 12 column grids along with several great elements and tools that will help you get started quickly and easily.

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