Why WordPress is still the best CMS

When people ask me my opinion as to what the best open source CMS (content management system), I always reply with ‘Wordpress’, after all these years, it is still the CMS available and there are statistics to prove it.

Wordpress Best CMS

Matt Mullenwerg, the co-founder of WordPress, has recently given his annual “State of the Word” speech in WordCamp San Francisco and discussed how WordPress is used and consumed. The figures he provided only proved that WordPress is not only the best CMS but that it is also expected to grow even more in the coming years.

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According to Matt, 69% of people that use WordPress are using is as their fully-pledged CMS. This is an 8% increase for the past 2 years. The number is expected to rise after the release of WordPress 3.7.

Also, WordPress, according to survey conducted by WP Engine, is becoming more and more popular to people. Based on the figures released, 29% of the population knows about it now. In this arena, this number is quite impressive particularly if we compare it a couple of years ago when nobody had a clue as to what WordPress was and how it was used for Internet Marketing. Also, over the past year, WordPress has been downloaded 46 million times and it now powers 18.9% of the Internet.

Also, compared to other CMS, WordPress is easier to install, use, and maintain. That is why, it is voted by most bloggers and website owners as the best CMS.

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