Communicating well with your Niche Market

Your niche market isn’t a static character you can depend on whenever you need someone to affirm how you’re doing very well. Customers have needs, and sometimes we might think we already have them all figured out. The thing is, just because we’ve done very well in starting our business doesn’t mean we can already sit back and be complacent about our online business.

The moment that online store is operating and generating revenue, the real work begins. Monitoring the influx of customers is one thing, but what we’re really interested in is what they have to say about the store.

Offer online support

Whether you’re running a shipping company or an online store for fancy jewelry, you should always make yourself (or at least a representative of your company) available to customer queries. Putting up modal boxes for online chat support is one of the best ways to support customers these days.

Ready to Ignite Your Website?

The static (and public) chat boxes at the side columns of websites are now passé. They’re also pretty damaging when customers post queries or comments which negatively reflect your store or service. Accommodate customers but don’t give them the opportunity to bring your image down.

Ask for service feedback

After processing their orders or answering their online queries, you can also ask them about how happy they are with the service and the product you’ve given. Tell them that this will help you improve your store, and don’t forget to thank them. While this may seem like a lot of work, customers actually like it when you make them feel that their opinions matter. As a matter of fact it does. A single unhappy customer can permanently damage your online business. Try to keep your reputation intact while you’re in this field.

Freebies for loyalty

Do you have repeat customers? Always let them know how happy you are to see them again. Give them a little freebie on their second or third transaction with you. Customers like freebies, no matter how small it is. If they were happy with your service before, they’ll be happier with your little gift. Who knows, they might even refer friends your way, just to help you out with your business.

In any sort of marketing, whether it’s online or brick-and-mortar, feedback is necessary. Small business owners can’t afford to trust their instincts alone. Customer ratings are necessary.

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