Arranging Your Website’s Centerpiece

Whether you’ve chosen to lay everything out on a single page, or to create a more conventional “gateway” website with a lot of links in columns, a good website design is always like a good photograph. It needs to have a single focal point. It has to have a subject. Before you get started, you need to decide on this subject. Is it the company’s logo? Is it the slogan? Every other element will revolve around this subject. This subject will predetermine the website’s color scheme, attitude, and shape.


The most commonly used subject is the company’s logo because it embodies the entire branding direction of a product or a service. For example, a water company’s logo may be colored with hues of blue and white, and these colors are encapsulated within circular figures. Naturally, when a logo like this is used as the subject, the rest of the website elements, including buttons and fonts, will have to be patterned after the logo.

When the logo is too intricate, the website designer may also choose to use a plainer layout to juxtapose the details of the logo. Either way, the logo set the direction of the website’s overall design.

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Sometimes, the company’s slogan is more popular than its logo. A prime example is Nike’s “Just do it” slogan which has outlived a lot of other global slogans in the same field. Because it’s so effective, it also controlled the theme of the company’s posters and television advertisements. When you’re working with a slogan this strong, it’s safe to pattern the website according to the “blue print” of ads the company has been running for years. Slogan subjects are also pretty common in sites kept by service providers.

For example, the slogan “Be remarkable.” may be the highlight of a website advertising unique domain names. A photo of a browser with an address bar scrolling down to five very similar domain names would be a good background image. It’s a subtle way of saying, “You want to be unique if you want to sell products.” The design sends the message across without being to overbearing.

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