Search Engine Crawlers and Human Eyes: Which One Should You Please?

Sometimes, when you stare long enough at an online article, you know exactly what type of audience the website owner wanted to please: man or machine. Those who practice black hat SEO won’t even try to hide their “text weapons” under the guise of an informational article. They’re really just there to attract web crawlers and nothing (no one) else. Human readers, just by scanning the paragraphs, would know that the text isn’t meant for their eyes. It was published so the webpage would be ranked highly by auto bot operated search engines.

That’s a very sad picture because that’s not what the Internet was meant for. The World Wide Web was created so that human beings, no matter which part of the world they may be in, could share useful information with one another. The Internet is fashioned as a complex and diverse “sharing community”. Web pages which prioritize web crawlers to human eyes defeat this purpose, and they also, in effect, render the search engines useless. With so much garbage text occupying the first slots of search pages, how useful can the search engine get?

When you’re writing articles for your website, always please the human audiences first. Make your articles as relevant as possible by providing useful information and phrasing everything well. Forget about the keywords you’ll have to integrate with the text because they will appear in your article “naturally” every once in a while. If you can, try to spread these keywords well so that they’re still recognizable by web crawlers but they don’t annoy your human readers.

Ready to Ignite Your Website?

It is possible to please both search engine crawlers and human readers. It’s just that the writing of these articles may take time. This is because the real relevance of an article can’t be measured by the density of keywords in the text body. These are weighed by human minds, who value information over keyword repetition.

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