Essential elements for an e commerce website

One frequently ask question is ‘What are the essential elements for an effective E Commerce website design?’ Our readers have been asking for answers to this common question so here it is, an article that focuses on the best elements needed to build an awesome E Commerce website. Keep reading to learn some simple tricks and secrets that are, of course, little known and often ignored.

Is this article for me? Well, it is for you since you are probably looking to start a successful E Commerce store and don’t know where to start or even what to expect. Let’s find out.

To simplify things, I’ve broken this article into three sections: How to build your E Commerce store, the tips or guide to get you off the ground to creating an idiot-proof E Commerce website.

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How to Build the Ultimate E Commerce Store

Searching Google, Bing or Yahoo, you will most likely find lots of information regarding this topic. However, is it what you need and does it address your particular situation? Of course there are several resources from e-books to webinars to top the list of the necessary elements for your website. But, they are not enough and most usually skip some essentials here and there.

There are particular things that good E Commerce website design should have to attain your overall business goals. So to build the ultimate E Commerce store, all I can say is research, research, research (or simply keep reading this article!) – I have tips and rules that will drastically boost your E Commerce website sales. If you looking for a professional to handle everything for you then check out our Gold Coast Ecommerce Website services and get in touch.

The Ultimate Guide to a great E Commerce Design

As soon as visitors begin landing on your E Commerce website, you need to immediately begin establishing trust by offering clear selling propositions. There are some basic factors that will guarantee a purchase from your prospective buyers. Here are specific ways to attain both…

1. Having Clear Selling Propositions

When visitors arrive at your E Commerce website, they are immediately looking to satisfy some of their greatest concerns. For instance, they want to find your products and services, whether you recognise them and where they come from and why your products and services are different or unique. Once these answers are front and center, it becomes easy to reduce the bounce rate significantly.

Research studies show that 65% of most consumers need to hear a brands value propositions 3-5 times in order to give it a try. Therefore, bear in mind that the answer to this concern is selling clear, sticky and concise points. Whenever people develop an interest in your brand, they should also easily recognise your services and why you are different from the pack.

2. Immediately Establish Trust

“You cannot blame your prospects for ignoring your E Commerce website since this world is filled with noises and choices,” Seth Godin. He calls this a triage. It is the only option left whenever they find your services inappropriate and illegitimate. Interestingly, a research study shows that you can go as far as breaking this process of establishing client trust into 4 basic areas:

  • Proof of Existence – Though this seems obvious, most people end up ignoring it. Prospects want to know that you are not one of the shady guys but a real business. They may not use all that information you are providing them. Knowing that your business is a cool story is enough in itself.
  • Legal / Policies – Most people never ever imagine that they can have legal or policy related issues. What is your return policy? Interestingly, most people do not even read that material. You just need that air of credibility around you.
  • Social Proof – The power of people trumps over every aspect of your business regardless of whether your products are incredible or your website is really expensive. Visitors to your E Commerce website will begin by asking themselves this and that before they make a choice.
  • Fulfillment – This bit comes to top up everything and is self explanatory. We should expect a return of the very same things that we do to other people’s E Commerce

Make the Design Idiot-Proof.

A great design experience is simple. Begin with standard E Commerce website design templates. The point of all this is to give answers for what you do and why you they should trust you. Make the design invincible ad one that looks similar to successful websites.

The most important thing is to clearly address the advantages of your products and services. Otherwise, the overall goal of your E Commerce website will be unclear and heading to the pit. Make your prospective buyers trust you. This is definitely one of the greatest foundations of a successful E Commerce website. Draw the interest of your buyers. Showing a huge buy button is not enough. In fact, a simple convincing statement that proves your story is worth it all.

We know you are reluctant and that perhaps you first need to get things right. It’s always a great idea to clear one step at a time. If you need our help, contact us. We’re here to help your business succeed. Feel free to fill out this form here to let us create an ecommerce website for you.

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