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Setting up Shop within a Social Media

One of the best ways to get your goods out there without paying for any sort of overhead is to make a social networking page for your store or services. The pioneers of social networking who valued the concept of a “sharing community” weren’t too comfortable with this idea a few years ago. Today, it’s pretty obvious that the walls had had to give way. We now have an online hybrid culture where sharing and commercialism coexist.

As a result, aside from a person’s profile, online stores are also pining for popularity. The album feature of most online networking websites like Facebook and Multiply make it easy for small business owners to set up shop. Through these albums, people could choose products, know their prices, and place orders either through email or through the private messenger which is also a feature of these networking websites. Shops on Facebook can also “tag” people in their photos to promote new products.

This is a very interesting technique because tagged photos also appear on the tagged contact’s wall. This way, the tagged contact’s friends can also know about the product. While this seems like an easy marketing strategy, online business owners will have to be careful, especially in tagging photos. Some clients can find this pretty annoying, to the point that they can remove the over-aggressive store from their lists. Timing the plugs right is essential.

Ready to Ignite Your Website?

Of course, most online stores move to real, more permanent websites once their business expands. Unfortunately, social networking websites don’t have ample security features which bigger stores require. Facebook and Multiply stores don’t have features which keep track of the store’s inventory, so the manual monitoring of supplies can be tedious for store owners.

Still, setting up shop within a social media is a good way for small business owners to get started. Once they move to another site, the social networking page can be an advertising extension of the store, keeping contacts in the loop while they take orders from clients elsewhere.

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